Sunnyside Beach

Many times, my extended family and I will have gatherings to get our kids together. This was such a fun little getaway for our little ones. We went in the summer of 2016. Sunnyside Beach was such a beautiful area. It was about a half hour from where we lived and we spent the whole day there barbecuing, playing sports, and letting the kids play in the sand (yes this place had actual sand and not rocks).

I believe that in order for family to be close, you must try and connect with one another. We often have outings, potlucks, and camping trips that we do. I remember growing up and loving to spend time with my cousins, aunts and uncle. I strive for my kids to have the same experience.

One of my cousins actually created this video (she’s pretty talented). I really appreciate how I can relive the moments that she has captured especially since my kids are only getting older. It’s always nice to have video memories of them growing up. These videos and places we’ve all visited together holds a close place in my heart.