First project – the carpet and vinyl floors.

While living in this 20 something year old home, we created a list of things that we wanted to change. The first thing that came to mind was tearing up the old floors and putting in hardwood. Initially, we thought this process would be a lot easier but when we started we soon realized that we had no way of turning back.

The way we started this project was selecting which hardwood floor color we wanted. After going back and forth several times, we agreed on an ebony color. The planks of the hardwood were wider than the normal ones. We decided to choose this type because we thought it was nice and we would complete the project fairly quickly. This assumption was completely off.

The good thing about tackling the project was that we had no choice but to complete it. Thank goodness this house was less than 1000 sq ft. After much research, we dove in and took out the carpet and vinyl in our living room and kitchen. This, I would say, was the hardest part. There were a ton of staples that we had to take out. It was just tedious.

Once that was done we laid out our planks to ensure that the cuts would be staggered. After the measurements of each planks we started cutting! From here, it went very quickly! We were able to get the space done in 2 weeks (while working full time as well).

When the project was completed, we really felt a sense of accomplishment. There were a lot of imperfections, but thats what made this house feel like ours!


3 thoughts on “First project – the carpet and vinyl floors.”

  1. Hi. Your story resonates loudly and clearly with me. I too took on the intrepid challenge of remodeling a house I was living in. It is not for the faint at heart. I added 800 sq ft to an existing 1100 sq. ft. home. Adding-on in four different places, and digging a basement under part of the house. My daughter and wife were living in the house as well, and we had some very interesting times. But there is no greater satisfaction (like you say) than having done it yourself. Standing back at the end of the day and saying,”I did that”.

    Good for you guys. Keep at it till the house is a home. Best of luck.

    Kurt Thorson

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    1. Thanks so much, Kurt. Wow, that is truly impressive! We haven’t added square ft to our house, but if we ever decide to maybe I can get a few pointers from you! Our remodels are more “fixer uppers”! 🙂 But nonetheless, we definitely do feel a sense of accomplishment when it is done! Plus, it is completely our own!


      1. Would always be glad to offer advice. Would also definitely be interested in seeing before and after photos or “in-process” pics of your project posted to your blog. Keep up the good work. Waiting for your next post.


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